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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Funny things I was told as a child...

I was born in October 1989 so grew up as a 90s child really.  For those of you who also grew up in the 90s you will probably have been told similar things by your family especially if you are from sunderland too.

When I was growing up my parents,  especially my mam, told me some things that I genuinely believed at the time and obviously now I know it was all just white lies but I think they are quite funny.

1. If you swallow a cherry pip a cherry will grow inside of mam used to say this to me all of the time and on one occasion I did accidentally swallow one and I became convinced I had a tree growing inside of me. I even asked to go to the doctors to have it removed!

2. If you sniff up a fly it will eat your brain and make it turn to mush...when I had a cold I never used to like blowing my nose I just used to sniff instead. My mam must have got sick of it and told me that if I kept sniffing a fly would go up my nose and eat my brain. I soon stopped!

3. If the ice cream man plays music it means there is no ice cream left. ..just like the advert I was told this. I used to watch other kids running to the van and used to think how stupid are they dont they know hes got nothing left!

4. If we were naughty the men in the white coats would take us to the naughty childrens home...There was an old orphanage on a hill in seaham that we used to drive past on the way to my auntys house and we were told that it was a home for naughty girls. Whenever we were naughty we would get threatened with this, along with stories about other kids that had been sent there and were never seen again. We were told men in white coats who drove blue or white vans would come and my mam even pretended to ring them one day just as a white van pulled up outside! Needless to say we were the perfect children for the rest of that day!

5. Your teeth fall out if you kiss a boy...even our teachers told us this but we weighed up the pros and cons and decided to play catchy kiss anyway.  If you dont know what this game is, boys chase girls around the playground and when they catch them they kiss them and the game begins again. The girls pretend they dont want to be caught but secretly they do.

6. If youre naughty in a shop the shopkeeper will hit you with a big stick...obviously I was never hit with a big stick but the threat did mean that we were always perfect when in public.  When I started working a weekend job while I was at college and uni, a woman actually referred to me as the woman with the big stick to her child. I felt so old!

7. Eating crusts makes your hair curly. have to realise that this was at a time when I didnt want curly hair so I used to cut all of the crusts off and give them to my curly haired friend.

8. Eating carrots make you see in the dark. ..I think everyone was told this. Me and my sister didnt really believe it but thought we would eat extra just incase.

9. Gypsies kidnap children and hide them in drains until the parents have Gonerby and then take them away....I was told this when I went to benidorm for the first time as a child and there was a gypsy camp near to the hotel.  We werent allowed anywhere without an adult just incase.

10. Santa knows when youre sleeping. was actually a slight variation on this,  I was told if we werent in bed by 7pm on Christmas eve night then santa wouldnt bring any presents.  Well played parents, well played.

11. The stork brings babies...again there was a slight variation on this again as we were told my mam got a catalogue where she chose a baby and the stork brought that baby.

There was probably a whole load more, and im sure you got told some that I haven't mentioned too.  If I remember anymore I will add them :)


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