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Monday, 28 April 2014

A trip to manchester

I have never actually been to manchester before last weekend, ive been through it when I used to visit PB before we moved in together,  but the furthest I ventured in was going to maccies before catching my next train to liverpool.
As we were both off this weekend PB decided that he would take me to manchester shopping, which I was a bit too excited about as im like a dog when someone gets the doglead out, I looove shopping. We got the train through as I dont like driving in places that I dont know that are busy (I have a tendency to be in the wrong lane and PB wont tell me until there are about five cars in the lane I want to be in so I cant move over-so stressful!) Plus I love the train as I get to read my kindle while he annoys everyone by trying to sing off key to whatever he listens to.
I wont bore you with what shops we went into etc other than selfridges.
Wow. I love this store!!
The only downside was my fella was in a trackie (grey adidas that I bought him for his birthday) and I was in a dress from new look, and when we went into one of the male clothes shops within selfridges the assistant tried to discreetly ask the security guard to watch us so he literally followed us around. Im not sure why this is, we dont look poor and I imagine they get scousers in all the time so I doubt it was that. The only thing I could come up with is that although we dont look poor we also dont look rich, I am in my twenties (im 23 to be exact) but I look younger (I once got ID'd in ASDA for buying an aerosol deodorant!). This annoyed me quite a bit as I am from a well off family and I do have quite a bit of money (im not trying to brag I just want you to know why it annoys me when people assume I cant afford things because I am young-it is the same when people assume I am thick because I like to look good and then they act all shocked when they find out about my job and degrees). Anyway, I took this as a perfect opportunity to have a julia roberts/pretty woman inspired moment. Cue me finding the handbags (oh my word the handbags, I was in heaven!!!) And buying the most gorgeous Saint Lauren across the body bag in colour blush (it is like a pale peachy colour), I wanted the jimmy choo calf leather bag but it was over a grand more so PB said no :-(
I also bought a ring and bracelet from Tiffany for my mams birthday and Christmas present (forward planning and all that-I had a point to prove) and bought my fella some polo shirts and new shoes that he wanted. We then went back into the first shop/section and you should have seen the assistants face. PB pretended to look at some more polo shirts while I wrinkled my nose and said loudly 'no babe they look cheap, I wouldnt let you out looking like a scruff' and then smiled sweetly and walked out. Oh their faces.
Overall I did have a brilliant time, we didnt go for food which was a shame but I did spend quite a bit of money and got a gorgeous bag! I dont think we will be going back for a while as I do tend to go a bit googly eyed when I see handbags and shoes and they are quite expensive there and although I think they are worth it PB doesnt agree.
I will post some pics of our shopping haul soon :-)

@mackembeauty2 X

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