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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Disaster dating part 1-internet dating

As mentioned before these arent what have happened to me but have happened to mates...

The one with the wife and kids
I joined a dating site which I wont name but put it this way, there are plenty of fish in the sea, a few years ago when I was 19. A bit early to be on a dating site I know, but I thought it would be a laugh and I could get to meet men that I wouldnt normally meet.
I put a few pics of me and my best mate, and I got quite a few replies (some of which sadly preferred my mate but I suppose that was my own fault for not just putting pics of me up). There was one man, a marine (it is a well known fact that everybody looks better in an army/marine uniform) and he looked fit so I replied.  To be honest I did think he was far too good looking to be on a dating site but who was I to judge. We messaged each other quite a bit-usually on a night time and he never replied before 7pm but he said it was just his job. After a few weeks we swapped numbers and arranged to meet up. Well, tried to arrange to meet up. He wouldnt text at certain times of the day and never at weekends, I suggested some days to meet and he always had an excuse not to. I ended up telling him to delete my number as there was no point in keeping in touch if we would never meet. He rang me and whispered that he thought he was falling in love with me and it was just awkward as his mates were at his for a few weeks and he didnt want them to know he was internet dating. He gave a sob story about how he had been seeing this girl for years but she dumped him and his mates might think he was a loser or something.  I went along with it cos he was sweet and kept texting him. He started ringing me too, but never answered if I rang him and started turning his phone off. The signs were all there but I ignored them until I showed one of my girl friends his picture. It turned out he had a wife and a child that went to the same school as my friends daughter.  That was why he couldn't answer because he was with her. I text him telling him I knew about the wife and told delete my number and all he replied with was 'my wife doesnt need to know' errrr thanks but no thanks I am no mans bit on the side! I promptly deleted him and hoped that next time I would listen to my gut instincts.

The one with the pictures
I was messaging a man on a dating site for a few days before we swapped numbers.  He wasnt my usual type but had managed to charm me and he seemed canny enough. He told me he had a child, had gotten his ex pregnant but didnt find out until after they had split up. At least he was upfront about it. The first text I got from him came when I was at work and shocked me...I mean really shocked me. 'Send me a pic of your tits babe im in the toilet w*nking' erm how about no! He told me he had been joking and I believed him so we carried on texting. I wasnt going to send a topless picture to anyone never mind someone I had never met! A few days later I got a picture message, again at work,  it was a picture of his c*ck with a text saying 'do you like what you see,  send me a pic of your tight, shaven p*ssy' erm no mate, I am not a porn star nor am I a call girl. I blocked his number and showed everyone at work the pictures, well if he wanted it to be seen I would happily oblige. A word of advice...if you have never met someone and have only known them a few weeks, dont send or ask for dirty pics. A woman will show all of her mates and have a good laugh about it!

The possessive one
I had swapped numbers with a man I met online who lived not too far from me. He rang me every night and we talked about everything. I had just come out of a relationship so told him I didnt want anything serious yet. He told me he had never had a girlfriend but that he couldnt understand why. He had had a few replies on a dating site but nothing ever came of them. He also told me he once rang the police on his own brother after they had a fight....who even does that! I told him I could never imagine anyone wanting their own sibling arrested and he didnt reply to me for a few days.
Meanwhile I met someone at work who I got on well with and we arranged to go out. I was telling my mate ali all about it when I got a phonecall from internet guy shouting at me for arranging to meet up with someone when I was messaging him. I said that we werent dating and had never even met so although we talked that didnt mean that I couldnt see someone else. He totallly flipped and said he never wanted to talk to me again and that I was just a cheat like all the other girls. He sent me maybe a dozen texts saying how I had betrayed him and he was going to get his own back, and then sent a picture of a girl draped all over him with the caption 'this could have been you' as if that would make me jealous. I didnt even bother replying.

These are just a few things that have happened while trying out Internet dating. What I have noticed though is that their are quite a few men (and women as I have been told by men that are on dating sites) that use someone elses picture as their own (someone used my picture once and I wasnt even on a dating site) and when caught out say 'oh that was an old picture' oh right yeah, when you used to be a model, what happened since then? Had some bad plastic surgery on your face?! Theres no way you have ever looked like that mate.

More soon.

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