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Monday, 28 April 2014

Disaster dating part 2

I once went out with a fella who cheated on everyone (I didnt know this at the time, I was young and naive). He thought he was dead clever, but he was caught out so obviously not clever enough.
As far as I can tell you have to be quite cunning and have a good memory to be able to get away with cheating.  I have known men to have two phones,  one for their partner and one for their 'women', which is quite clever really. I have known people to pretend their phone is broken while they spend a weekend with their bit on the side. I have seen them saving girls numbers in their phone as lads names so the woman wont realise that they are actually texting women. There are men that date people who arent from their area so that they can go out drinking and pull a bird without their girlfriend knowing.  Like I said, cunning.
But they have to have a good memory, I have been told that they turned their phone off because their dad was ill, or that they had been mugged and were in hospital but then a few weeks later when asked about this they didnt have a clue what I was talking about.

However,  the one man that really stuck in my head for being the worst cheat ever was actually the biggest cheat. I was seeing him only for a couple of months but he got jealous if I spoke to any other lad (I was working as a lifeguard at the time so it was a bit difficult not to). I had my suspicions,  like when he didnt reply for days, or I would get texts that didnt really make sense, as if it was halfway through a convo that I wasnt having with him. He denied it of course but then he made a massive mistake.  He asked me if I had got his text at work, I hadnt and he panicked.  I mean really panicked.  Turns out he had sent a text saying 'how about a quickie after work' thinking it was me he had text but it was actually his girlfriend of four years (he always said he was single) and when I kicked off it came out that he had also been having sex with half of the people I worked with.  It was actually quite funny, if he had only had two phones that would never have happened. His girlfriend found out obviously and dumped him and we actually get on really well now.

I cant abide cheaters but even I can be impressed by the lengths some men will go to! All of the first part of this was about one man who managed to fool me into thinking he was faithful just really unlucky. I probably would still be with him if his memory had been better!

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